The Pitts S1-S 



The Pitts s1-S is a high performance single seat biplane.
With the GB livery, Lycoming 180 hp engine, light weight frame and trailing smoke it provides great performance and a spectacular display.


Plans Built
1 Seat Tandem Biplane
Fully Aerobatic
Tube, Wood, Fabric Construction
Powered by a Lycoming 180hp engine


Span: 17ft 4"
Length: 15ft 6"  
Empty Weight: 385 kg

Gross Weight: 517 kg
Wing Loading: 14lb/sq.ft

Fuel: 75 litres


Cruise Speed: 134 mph
Rate of Climb: 2600 ft/min
Stall Speed: 64 mph
Roll Rate: 180 deg/sec
Range: 300 mile
G Limit: +6, -3