Carbon Neutral, Offset & Positive

Each air display is at a minimum Carbon Neutral achieved through Carbon Offsetting and is also Carbon 'Positive' which means that all of the carbon emissions produced from a 'Jubilee Pitts' air display and the practicing involved in training will be offset with the planting of trees which will absorb more carbon than what was produced from the air display itself. 

The figures below were used to calculate the carbon emissions for 1 air display. 

½ tank of fuel used for transit and display = 10 US gallons (1)
1 US gal fuel = 20 pounds of CO2 (2)
This is 200 pounds of CO2, converted to kilograms = 91 kgs of CO2 

Trailing Smoke Oil
1 litre of smoke oil = 2.52 kg of CO2 per litre (3)
Each display uses 25 litres of smoke oil = 63 kg of CO2 

Engine Oil
1 litre of engine oil per display flight = 2.5 kg, round up to 3kg of CO2 (3)

Total CO2 emissions per display flight is 157kg

Factoring in an extra 1.5 hours of training per display flight, this includes fuel and engine oil but no smoke oil, totalling 250 kg (91kg+91kg+63kg+5kg) of CO2 emissions. To allow for margins of error in the calculations and additional carbon reductions I have doubled the CO2 emissions in factoring the offset, totalling 500kg of CO2. 

The carbon offset for each display will be identified and dated with its own electronic certificate.

Please note

The point at which I feel the methodology is questionable is when the CO2 emissions is computed into the 'Plan Vivo' model used by as this produces the number of trees that need planting to offset the carbon emissions. Using this model, offsetting 500kg of CO2 is equivalent to planting an additional two trees per display (4). My research indicates that this model is used over a period of 20 years and not over one year.

As 'the average tree absorbs an average of 10 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year for the first 20 years' (5) I will be increasing the number of additional planting of trees to a total of 16 per air display as this will offset the carbon emissions of one air display within the first 12 months.